How to Use Essential Oils to Make Your Nappy Bin Smell Fresh

13 July 2016
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As cute as babies are, it's surprising that what comes out of their rear end smells as bad as it does! If you're fighting the good fight against the pong of the nappy bin but losing miserably. don't fret! With a few of your favourite essential oils and some bicarbonate of soda you can de-stink the bin so that when you flip the lid you aren't almost knocked down by the overwhelming stench.

Deodorising disks

These disks can easily be made at home, and are a natural (and cheap!) alternative to the chemically-laden deodorizing disks that you can buy in the shops.

What you'll need:

80ml of bicarbonate of soda

125ml of distilled or boiled water

a few drops of your favourite essential oil/s

a muffin pan with muffin liners

To make, pop a few tablespoons of water in a mixing bowl and add some drops of your essential oil/s of choice. Lavender works well, as does tea tree oil and sweet orange, but it's really up to you. Add the bicarbonate of soda to the mix and give it a stir until it's all wet, then add the remaining distilled or boiled water. The mix will smell lovely and should be liquidy; you want to keep adding the baking soda until you have something that resembles a really thick paste.

Pop the mixture into the lined muffin tin -- about half an inch per cup liner is good. Then you need to simply set them aside for about 24-48 hours to let them go hard. And there you have it -- your own homemade deodorising disks. Many nappy bins have a slot where you can add a disk, and they will make your bin smell lovely and fresh.

Deodorising powder

If you don't want to faff around with muffin tins, there is a simpler way of freshening up your nappy bin. Again, you'll be using bicarbonate of soda and your favourite essential oil/s; just add about 50ml of the bicarbonate of soda to a jar and add a few drops of the essential oils. Sprinkle a little of the powder to the bottom of your nappy bin every time you change a nappy and malodorous pongs will never plague you again!

Hopefully, one of these ideas will work for you, but if you really want to keep things simple, just sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on a flannel and leave that in the nappy bin. It won't be as effective without the bicarbonate of soda to soak up the yucky smells, but it will work to help mask the stench.