Why Install Air Hand Dryers at Your Medical Facility?

11 September 2015
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When managing a clinic or any type of medical facility, you need to consider every detail of how that facility operates, including the supplies you provide in the restroom. While installing air hand dryers may be more expensive than a simple chute for paper towels, there are many reasons why this can be the right choice for any commercial location, but especially in a medical setting. When you're ready to renovate or otherwise make changes in the bathroom, note a few reasons why air hand dryers may be the right option for you.

1. Bacteria and other contaminants

While washing hands will remove the majority of germs, bacteria, and other microbes, if anyone on your staff does a poor job washing and then uses paper towels to dry their hands, these contaminants can be transferred to the paper towel itself. As the towels then sit in a wastebasket, they may expose others to contamination if they should come into contact with those towels. 

If patients or anyone else were to use the restroom while having a bleeding cut or other open sore, they may use a towel to blot at the blood or pus and then toss it away, and this too can pose a risk for anyone coming into contact with those discarded towels. It's easy to say that no one would touch a towel in a wastebasket, but it's not unusual for someone to pick out a used towel that "looks clean" and use it to spit out their gum, wipe down the sink, or dry off a wet spot on the floor.

2. Appearance of facility

The overall appearance of any medical facility should be of concern to those who manage the business. You don't want patients, outside vendors, inspectors, or anyone else to visit your facility and be turned off by the appearance of used, dirty paper towels piling up in the restroom. This can make your entire facility seem dirty and unkempt despite your regular cleaning schedule.

3. Cost of waste

While a hand dryer may be more costly to install than a standard towel chute, consider the number of towels your staff and visitors may use throughout a week or month, and the cost of having to pay a custodian to remove and empty the trash bins. This type of cost can add up very quickly, and in the long run become more expensive than installing and operating an air hand dryer.

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