Liquid Waste Removal Services

23 July 2015
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Liquid waste removal services that offer a complete comprehensive service is always a good choice because they are more likely to have the right equipment and are more likely to offer many of the latest options.


Liquid waste removal services are necessary services for a full range of situations. Liquid waste removal services are used for a variety of situations:

  • Empty grease traps.
  • Remove liquid waste from portable toilets.
  • Cleaning out septic tanks
  • Cleaning out Sullage tanks
  • Cleaning out triple interceptor tanks

Every state and territory has regulations regarding liquid waste. Keeping within those regulations includes ensuring that waste is pumped on a regular schedule. Partnering with a company that offers liquid waste removal services under contract on a intermittent schedule will take the worry about compliance right off the table. It is a lot easier to arrange for a contract for regular pumping services then to remember a month after you are due that you did not have it done! 

You could face heavy penalties if you do not follow the guidelines for maintaining a grease trap or even a residential septic tank.

Proper Maintenance

There are regulations in place to protect the public health from liquid waste mishaps but the need for these services goes beyond what the law has to say. Proper maintenance through periodic clean out and pumping can help to extend the life of plumbing. When septic tanks are not pumped on a regular schedule the added waste can easily stress out the drain field until it just does not work anymore. 

Of course a grease trap that is left to its own accord can easily solidify and cause back ups and clogs in any part of the system as chunks of the solid fat breaks off and finds its way around the system.  Of course most people realize that liquid waste when not disposed of properly can cause disease and contaminate ground water.

Recycle Options

There are liquid waste removal services that have recycling programs for the grease that they collect. The grease is used to create Biodiesel. Some people take the approach that once their end is clear they don't care where the waste goes but if you can choose a company that has recycling programs for your waste why not use it?

Some companies recycle the grease and fat into feed products for livestock. The liquid food waste can be used as fertilizer.  Liquid waste services can benefit a full lifecycle of beings.