3 Important Questions to Ask Any Waste Management Services Company

22 May 2015
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Before your company hires an outside provider to handle waste management for your facility, you want to ensure you take your time to find and choose the right one. This means looking at more than the prices you're quoted, as you want to invest in a company that will work with you to accommodate your particular needs. Note a few important questions you might ask of any potential waste management company.

1. How much recycling do they offer and does it affect their price?

If you're very eco-conscious, you want to think about the recycling that your own company does every day, and your waste management company will be part of that. Ask if they can provide separate bins for recyclable material as it may apply to your office or industry, or if they separate items you've thrown out in order to remove recyclable items.

If the items you recycle are valuable, such as copper or steel that are left over from a production line, you might also ask if they give you a discount on your service if they keep this recyclable material for resale. If your waste management company is earning money from your metal scraps or other materials, this should be reflected in the price they charge you.

2. Can they handle specialized waste?

Even if you put medical waste or hazardous waste into certain containers in your facility, this doesn't mean your waste management company will be able to remove this waste for you. If you have any type of specialized waste at your location, you want to ensure that your waste management company can safely haul it away and dispose of it properly. Ask about this, and ask if they charge you anything additional for medical waste, hazardous waste, food waste, and the like.

3. Do they have pollution or spill insurance?

If your waste management company were to spill waste at your site or even after hauling it away and they do not have adequate insurance, you may be held liable for costs of cleanup. Always ask any potential waste management company about pollution or spill insurance and the coverage that they carry. If they do not have this insurance or the coverage is very minimal, you may want to choose another company or carry a policy yourself in order to protect your business in case of any type of spill of your waste.

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