3 Common Type of Skip Bins Found at a Skip for Hire Service

27 April 2015
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Are you interested in hiring a skip bin for your construction site, but want to find out more about the different choices available to you? It is a good idea to learn more about the variety of skip bins that you can choose from as that will increase the efficiency and flexibility of your on-site waste removal process. With that thought in mind, where are the common types of skip bins you'll find available at a skip for hire service.

Portable Skip Bins

The point of a portable skip bin is to provide a waste management solution that is flexible n the sense that the location of the skip bin can be easily changed. Typically a portable skip bin will have two holes in which the forks of a forklift truck can fit in. This allows the forklift truck to move the skip bin from one location of a construction site to another. It also means that the skip bin can be lifted up high into the air in the event that rubbish needs to be cleared of the roof.

However, portable skip bins will be smaller than the average skip bin, and for that reason they will need to be emptied more frequently. To counteract their small size you could hire more of them in order to have enough space.

Deep Skip Bins

There is a type of skip bin that has walls up to 2 metres in length which is quite deep, and it can be difficult for construction workers to throw heavy rubbish in. Therefore, they are more geared towards throwing rubbish from a height, or the use of a crane or forklift truck in order to put rubbish in.

For example, a portable skip can be emptied in one of these deep skips, which offsets the disadvantage of the portable skip bin small size. Since the deep skip can house more waste, it will need to be emptied less frequently by the skip for hire service—but if you don't have the right machinery on site to put rubbish into them then they can be more trouble than they are worth.

Asbestos Skips

There is nothing special about asbestos skips from a skip design point of view, other than the fact that they might have asbestos skip written on the side so it's clear what the intended purpose is. A designed asbestos skip is required if you are removing asbestos because it cannot be mixed with other waste. Resources like Affordable Bins will help ensure that asbestos is properly placed in the right skip and delivered to the prescribed location.